Alles rund um den Apfel: Von Pressemitteilungen über Gewinnspiele und aktuelle Erntezahlen bis hin zu Schulmaterialien für Kinder.

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Public Notice for Tenders for the selection, by means of an Open Competitive Procedure, of an “Implementing Body” in charge of carrying out the information and promotion activities of a three-year Programme, which will be presented to the European Commission in compliance with the Regulation (EU) No. 1144/2014 – Call 2023.

Please note: as indicated in the Notice published in the OJEU OJ/S S169 - 02/09/2022 - 477999-2022-EN, , and in the technical document made available (Technical Specifications), the testimonial product of the Programme is the APPLE in general and not exclusively the South Tyrolean Apple PGI. Please therefore pay attention to the information contained in the Technical Specifications, especially to the paragraphs "Main objectives of the Programme" and "Subjects to be handled".

For further information, see the following tender documents:

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